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Join us at the Frederick Wine Festival on August 5, on Carroll Creek in Frederick. Enjoy wine, music, good foods, artisans, and lots of fun, all in a historic setting. For more information, check out "Visit Frederick," the Frederick Tourism site.

As we all enjoy the hot days of summer, we have been busy bottling new wines as we look forward to this upcoming harvest season. On nice days, visitors can enjoy the outdoor picnic area; feel free to bring your own picnic (or pick up one of the small cheese plates we offer) to enjoy with a glass or a bottle of our wine. We love to welcome all visitors, and will be happy to introduce you to our wines, each with a distinct personality. 

For those of you who are new to us, we have a diverse selection of wines -- dry whites and award-winning reds as well as semi-sweet and fruit wines. Come see if your palate agrees with ours! 

We also have a lovely selection of gift items, made by local artists and artisans. One tempting addition is Zoe's gourmet chocolates, hand crafted locally ... yummy! You can also browse among the quilted pictures, beautiful cheese platters made from wine bottles, hand-painted wineglasses and jewelry. Have you seen the hand painted ornaments and sun catchers made from wine bottle bottoms? 

We think the vineyard is beautiful at any time of the year, but love to see the vineyard wake up and the light green leaves pop as the vines bud out in the spring. In early summer, the growth of the leaves and flower buds quickly are transformed into tiny grape clusters, which are now growing larger, softening, and changing in color. In another month, some grapes will be fully ripened, and ready to become wine. You may want to stroll through the vineyards and make a personal encounter with the grapevines. Bring your camera! 

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