Wine Club

 Introducing the Lion’s Legacy Wine Club


Why lions? Our family name, Loew (Löw) actually means lion and its a name we are incredibly proud of. Our family has been producing wine since the mid-1800’s. It’s a legacy that has expanded over two continents, five generations, and an overall passion to keep our family history alive.

As a Cub (wine club member) you will receive three bottles of wine hand each quarter selected by Bill, Lois, and Rachel. Once available, you will be able to choose to pick up your wine at our tasting room or shipped to your home (if Vino Shipper is able to ship to your state).

Join the pride:

  1. Membership is free!

  2. 3 bottles of wine every quarter and wine seminars/events for $70 (not including tax and shipping)

    1. Pick-ups and releases are in months August, December, and April.

  3. Ability to choose if you would like sweet, dry, or mixed options!

  4. A questionnaire to determine your palate if you don’t know which option to choose!

  5. Wine Club and active Case Club Member (those who have bought a case of wine in the past year) only Wine Seminars and events in our “Lion’s Den”

  6. Early access to new wines and new vintages

  7. Access to aged and wines in limited supply wines

  8. Complimentary tastings for each member plus one guest

  9. 10% off additional wine purchases in our tasting room and online

  10. Ability to add onto wine club order

  11. Monthly newsletter to keep up-to-date on events and happenings

Cancellation policy:

If a member would like to cancel their shipments or membership, they must notify Loew Vineyards staff at one month prior to the next shipment. Any notification given within one month of the shipment will still be prepared and charged. The next shipment, however, may be discontinued.